The urban living experience by Meraas, DUBAI

This project reflects our ambitions, inspirations, and dreams. It is a manifestation of a distant future that is shaped by our collective imagination.

GRIDSPACE was mandated to conceive and produce an audio-visual experience at the main square of Meraas’ City Walk, titled Place des Lumières. We worked alongside XYZ Cultural Technology and Fly Studio combined expertise for this ambitious project commissioned and managed by Float4.

Meraas’ City Walk was the largest-scale multimedia project of 2016 in Dubai.

| SEGD AWARDS 2017 // CITY WALK is part of the 12 influential immersive environments of the year. Read the article >>
| HOW International Design Awards Winners 2018 // BEST OF SHOW – ”100 million pixels of visual storytelling that transformed retail destination CityWalk Dubai into a jaw-dropping immersive experience’’ – HOW Read the article >>

Our goal was to immerse the audience into a constantly moving, all encompassing environment.

GRIDSPACE (Concept & Audio-Visual Experience, Night Shows at Place des Lumières)

Christian Pomerleau (Executive Creative Director) Guillaume Therrien (Screen Writer) Sindre Ulvik Péladeau (Motion Design / 3D) Robert Alexander Quinn (Motion Design / 3D) Patrice Mathieu (Motion Design / Art Direction) Vincent Raineri (Motion Design / 3D/ Online) Christian Noel (Motion Design / CG Particles) George Simeo (Editing / Actor) Maya Sarah Jones Chanu (Model) Marie-Pier Durand (Make-up) Freeworm assisted by Joris Bourgault Paquet (Music & Soundscapes) François David (Technical Consultant) Julien Fontaine (DOP).

Warm thanks and gratitude for the precious support of: Devine Lu LinvegaIsabella Salas, Tommy Piscardelli, Amy Beauchamp, Stereo Nightclub, I Like I WearJulie Langenegger Lachance, Frédérique RodierJérémie Fiset

FLOAT4 (Executive producer)

Daniel Leblanc (Producer) Alexandre Simionescu (Creative Director) Nicolas St-Cyr (Creative Director) Olivier Donohue (Project Manager) Marie-Pier Hamelin (Project Manager)

FLY STUDIO (Video Content Production)
XYX CULTURAL TECHNOLOGIE (Technical Design & Integration)
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