Creative Substance

Senior Summit


Production Design & VFX

Our Role

Our Role

  • Production Design
  • Scenography
  • Creative Content
  • Video Mapping
  • Sound Design
  • Show Management
We were mandated to produced an adaptable multimedia scenography for the C-Level annual convention as well as for the evening events and festivities. The challenge was to create a setting that could be transformed in less than 2 hours, from 180 conference attendees to a comfortable setup for a 400 dining festivities

We accompany and closely collaborate with the multinational CMO to adapt and enhance the presenter's keynotes, including broadcasting on a 60' triple 4k custom scenographic projection canvas.
Senior and C-levels will care about what you have to offer until they feel you understand their needs and their situations.

We produce meaningful and cutting edge experiences that combine motion graphics, set design, and technology.