Creative Substance

We Rejoice

Nicolas Bougaïeff / Mute Records

Director & VFX Production

Our Role

Our Role

  • Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Director
  • Motion Design
  • VFX
This project is the beginning of a collaboration with Mute Recording artist Nicolas Bougaïeff. 'We Rejoice' is a video clip, representing the positive greatness and openness of a future-oriented humanity. A playful supernatural metaphor of the power we own to transform ourselves.

On this production, we explored AI tools to innovate and enhance our design workflow.

Directed by Paul Bröse and Christian Pomerleau
Produced by GRIDSPACE
Looking glass of self-transformation.

We Rejoice

The chorus of infallible angels, watching the dance of life from their vantage point outside the universe, itself a möbius strip where time loops in on itself after eternity.

Mute Records

'Begin Within' album is about articulating emotions and going through the looking glass of self-transformation. - Nicolas Bougaïeff


Transforming space and perceptions