Budweiser – Osheaga

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    Experiential Marketing
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Architectural video projection on the 96′ heigh Levy Tower.

Budweiser was a partner again this year in the Osheaga musical happening, held July 31 and August 1 on Île Sainte-Hélène, site of the 1967 Montreal Expo World’s Fair. For this event, the Bud Musique team concocted a unique projection that was beamed onto Lévis Tower.

As the central point of Bud Village, Gridspace transformed the 96′ heigh tower into a Bud Musique bottleneck using Coolux, a leading-edge technology in architectural projection. The Levis tower was built in the 1930’s as a water reservoir and observation deck.

Client: Labatt Brewing
Creative Direction / Production: Guillaume Therrien (Mosaic)
Art Direction / Motion Design: Christian Pomerleau (Gridspace)
Projection Mapping / Coolux Programming: Christian Pomerleau (Gridspace)
On site coordination: Mathieu Barette (Mosaic)
Technical Production: André Langevin (Les Années Lumières)

A special thanks to André Girard (Acideo / Coolux Canada)

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