Metropolis at W Hotel

  • Client:
    W Hotel

Inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927), Gridspace created a panoramic landscape to make the audience experience the unreal.

Gridspace handled almost every aspect of the production including branding, promotional items, character design, illustration, 2d animation, live footage capture, compositing, audio production and full HD broadcast at the venue. Metropolis was presented at the W Hotel in Montreal.

The cityscape is built of photographs, hand drawn images, video captation and computer generated particles. It was part of an installation broadcasted in the main hall of W Hotel, Montreal, for the 5th anniversary of the Wunderbar.

Projection size: 56′ width x 18′ Height.

Directed by Christian Pomerleau
Illustration by Joanna Czadowska
Photos by Zendreamer
Soundtrack by Hecq, the song Flying Fear
Produced by Gridspace


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