Music Legacy Project

An immersive journey into South & Central American sacred cultures

The Music Legacy Project is an interactive performance with actual Amerindian and African shamans fusing ritual and immersive sound & image elements, which occur within a 360 dome experience at the Société des Arts Technologiques in Montreal and taking full advantage of its technical abilities since its one of the most advanced setups of its kind in the world.

An immersive experience by Brian d’Oliveira / La Hacienda Creative

Art Direction : Christian Pomerleau / Gridspace

A co-Production : La Hacienda Creative, FHStudio, GridspaceSiet Media

Musique originale : La Hacienda Creative

Musiciens : Ramiro Ramirez, Vovo Saramanda and Brian d’Olivera

Dance & Chorégraphie : Inka Strobl

Moteur & Design interactif : Julien Barnoin

Motion design & VJ : Francisco Fonseca

Visual Collaborator & 3D Scan : Roberto Lopez / Siet Media

Production Assistant : Abraham Mercado

Shooting and 3D Scan Imagery

Maison de production : FH Studio

Producteur exécutif : Fayçal Hajji

Director : Stéphane Grasso

DOP : Cody Laroque

Video Artist : Travis Komarnisky

Color Grading : Martin Gaumond

Props Master : Tristan Stevens

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