MÙV Condos

  • Client:
    IN16 / Développement MAP

MÙV Condos – Rosemont en mouvement

Located at the crossroad of Rosemont and Masson street, MÙV condos offers modern living space including condos, penthouses and townhouses among an urban lifestyle and green areas. A sustainable design approach was the driving force behind this project.

This video is a is a journey through the eye of 4 individuals who see theme self owning there space; Modernité, Urbanité, Verdure. The goal is to draw potential buyers and let them identify with those individuals, as well as to promote attractions of one of the most growing neighborhoods of Montreal.

Creative Direction, Art Direction: C.Pomerleau
Motion Design: Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
3D: François Houle
DOP, Camera: Christian Pomerleau
Production Set Assistant: Victorine Sentilhes
Original stock footage: Gridspace
Sofa (2:05), swimming pool (2:11): iStock
Music: Solvent

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